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New York State Health Insurance Covers Acupuncture

NYSHIP Coverage

Looking for acupuncture in Manhattan? The New York State Health Insurance Program (NYSHIP) has got you covered! This exclusive Empire plan is tailored to meet the needs of New York state public employees and employers, including coverage for acupuncture treatments.

NYSHIP provides payment for covered acupuncture treatments, physician fees, prescription drugs, and a variety of other medical services which include acupuncture. This means that you no longer have to wonder whether health insurance covers acupuncture. The answer is YES!

With insurance coverage for acupuncture, you can now take advantage of the benefits offered by an insurance provider that covers acupuncture treatments. This is great news for patients seeking relief using acupuncture in Manhattan.

If you have NYSHIP, you are entitled to benefits covering acupuncture treatments in NYC. Don’t hold back any longer – take advantage of NYSHIP’s acupuncture insurance coverage today.

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