Moxibustion therapy

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What is moxibustion?

Moxibustion is a Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy that has been used in Asia for thousands of years, predating even acupuncture. Moxibustion uses a natural herb called moxa, also known as mugwort (Artemesia Vulgaris), which practitioners burn either indirectly or directly on a patient’s skin to stimulate the acupuncture meridians beneath. During moxibustion, the patient will experience a pleasant heating sensation that penetrates deep into the body, restoring the balance and flow of blood and the vital energy called Qi.

How does moxibustion work?

Dried plant materials called “moxa” are burned on or very near the surface of the skin. The burning moxa stick is held over specific areas of the body that correspond to certain acupuncture points. The burning end of the moxa stick is held about an inch or two above the surface of the skin until the area reddens and becomes suffused with warmth.

Patients receiving moxibustion often report a sudden flooding of warmth that quickly radiates along a specific pathway (corresponding with the jing luo channel being treated) away from the site of application. This is a good result, as it indicates the arrival of the Qi and signals that the flow of Qi and xue has been freed in the channel.

What does moxibustion treat?

In particular, the combination of moxibustion and acupuncture treatments can be very effective for many diseases and conditions including back pain, muscle stiffness, headaches, migraines, tendonitis, arthritis, digestive disorders, anxiety, and female health problems such as menstrual cramps, irregular periods and infertility. As with all of our services, we will assess your condition and your needs, and develop an individual care and treatment plan specifically designed to help you achieve the maximum results.

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